The WOW Factor in Packaging Design | 15 Creative Examples For Inspiration

Everywhere we go, the appearance and beauty factors are all that counts. If you are well dressed and attending a party, people will notice you because of that wow factor in your avatar likewise when we go to buy flowers, you seek freshness and fragrance in them, who would purchase tattered & thorny flowers that are withered away?

We buy the stuff that looks appealing to eyes, the level of trust is at once built in when the product comes out as expected. Why people would choose a product over the other when there are plenty of other options available in the market? It is the wow factor in the packaging of the product that makes it tantalizing  & attractive to the eyes.

While designing a product and its packaging, a graphic designer should pick out lively and vibrant colors, because bright colors are more eye catching, abstract designing also looks good to eyes. The bonus would be, if the product itself speaks what it holds inside, for instance, if it is a bubble gum, its packaging should implicate scrumptiousness and mouthwatering images, lips and teeth can be drawn over its packaging showing it to be worth buying. Clients demand all such features in their product packaging that are eye grabbing.

Today I am unfolding before you few examples of packaging design & custom boxes that will make you feel wow, these 20 creative examples are especially for all young designers who are up to do product packaging in their current & future projects.

Look at the backgrounds, textures, pictures and use of appropriate colors in all these product packaging designs, certainly one won’t resist the temptation of buying any of them. It is a tip for the learners that always make a story before making a design, add the story elements into the project, keep beauty and wow factor in mind, use beautiful ingredients simultaneously and keep the design simple, because no one like messy and an amalgamation of careless colors scattered all around. Have a look at the collection and do let me know how far this accumulation inspired you.

1. Trident Gum Creative Packaging Design Concept











2. Party Barons Fruit Berry Punch Concept


Party-Barons-Fruit-Berry-Punch-Concept-0 Party-Barons-Fruit-Berry-Punch-Concept Party-Barons-Fruit-Berry-Punch-Concept-2 Party-Barons-Fruit-Berry-Punch-Concept-3 Party-Barons-Fruit-Berry-Punch-Concept-4


3. Kiss Pure vegetables & fruit Juice


Kiss-Pure-vegetables-&-fruit-Juice Kiss-Pure-vegetables-&-fruit-Juice-2 Kiss-Pure-vegetables-&-fruit-Juice-3 Kiss-Pure-vegetables-&-fruit-Juice-4 Kiss-Pure-vegetables-&-fruit-Juice-5


4. Heroes Never Sleep Eye Mask Packaging


Heroes-Never-Sleep-Eye-Mask-Packaging-1 Heroes-Never-Sleep-Eye-Mask-Packaging-2 Heroes-Never-Sleep-Eye-Mask-Packaging-3 Heroes-Never-Sleep-Eye-Mask-Packaging-4 Heroes-Never-Sleep-Eye-Mask-Packaging-5


5. Beehive Honey Squares Packaging


Beehive-Honey-Squares-Packaging-3 Beehive-Honey-Squares-Packaging-2


6. Standard Dress Shirt packaging


Standard-Dress-Shirt-packaging-4 Standard-Dress-Shirt-packaging-3 Standard-Dress-Shirt-packaging-2 Standard-Dress-Shirt-packaging


7. Donut’s Packaging Design


Donut's-Packaging-Design-4 Donut's-Packaging-Design-5 Donut's-Packaging-Design-3 Donut's-Packaging-Design


8. Malibu coconut oil packaging design


Malibu-coconut-oil-packaging-design-3 Malibu-coconut-oil-packaging-design-2 Malibu-coconut-oil-packaging-design


9. Make It Pop Lolly Ice cream Packaging


Make-It-Pop-Lolly-Ice-cream-Packaging-3 Make-It-Pop-Lolly-Ice-cream-Packaging-4 Make-It-Pop-Lolly-Ice-cream-Packaging-2 Make-It-Pop-Lolly-Ice-cream-Packaging


10. Slodki komin pastry packaging


Slodki-komin-pastry-packaging-5 Slodki-komin-pastry-packaging-2 Slodki-komin-pastry-packaging Slodki-komin-pastry-packaging-4 Slodki-komin-pastry-packaging-3


11. Milkshakes Packaging design


Milkshakes-Packaging-design Milkshakes-Packaging-design-3 Milkshakes-Packaging-design-2 Milkshakes-Packaging-design-4 Milkshakes-Packaging-design-5 Milkshakes-Packaging-design-6


12. VitaPack Orange Fruit Packaging


VitaPack-Orange-Fruit-Packaging VitaPack-Orange-Fruit-Packaging-2 VitaPack-Orange-Fruit-Packaging-3


13. Villa Roma Pizzaria Packaging


Villa-Roma-Pizzaria-Packaging Villa-Roma-Pizzaria-Packaging-2 Villa-Roma-Pizzaria-Packaging-3


14.  Herbal Tea Packaging Design


Herbal-Tea-Packaging-Design Herbal-Tea-Packaging-Design-2 Herbal-Tea-Packaging-Design-4 Herbal-Tea-Packaging-Design-3 Herbal-Tea-Packaging-Design-5


15. Gravity Coffee Packaging


Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-1 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-2 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-3 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-5 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-4 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-6 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-7 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-8 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-9 Gravity-Coffee-Packaging-10

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  1. I love the ones that integrate the product into the design, but it can only be fully appreciated when the product isn’t used. For example, if you pull a few pieces out of the middle of the box, it’s going to look like the smile is missing a teeth.
    They are great for immediate purchases though, especially next to their competition.

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