Beautiful Makeover of Arial, Comic Sans, Helvetica & Times by Redak Anderson

Designer and artists are the restless nerves; they can’t sit back at home to relax in a laid back manner as they have tons of ideas and load of work weighing their shoulders down. They get to deliver their projects on daily basis and it becomes quite hectic all the same.

But once in a blue moon when designers get themselves spare from the burden, they love to draw and design something just for fun like a relish or a respite treat. This soothes out their brain and they feel actually elated to make something out of your routine.

Today I am bringing before you beautiful makeover of Arial, Comic Sans, Helvetica & Times (fonts) by Redak Anderson, it is totally a fun project with no offence to the makers or making of the top and most used fonts around the globe. It is merely providing a new direction and stance to the fonts by Redak. He has thought of quite an innovative way to revitalize the fonts as never before. It is inspiring how he manipulated the fonts in a vigorous and unconventional way with a pinch of ingenuity and superfluous nature.

That’s what is expected and demanded from the professionals to create something out of the blue like a quick thunderbolt. He has used textures and various styles to blend in these fonts. The different appeal looks classy. One could hardly do any such thing because people are more into copying each other stuff and nothing else.

This post is nevertheless a tribute to all the famous fonts that are mostly being used. Redak is a character designer, digital artist and illustrator from Lima, he is adroit and talented in his skill. This post is unveiling a new vision for all the learners and beginners who want to keep their work noticeable.

Here is a tip: you should plunge out of your comfort zone and use latest techniques in the composition of your design pieces so they will not only stand out but make you recognizable for your work. Do let us know how far you found this post interesting and novel for you. Stick around for more such posts in future.

Arial Font Makeover


ARIAL-ROUNDED-Font-Makeover ARIAL-ROUNDED-Font-Makeover-2 ARIAL-ROUNDED-Font-Makeover-3 ARIAL-ROUNDED-Font-Makeover-4 ARIAL-ROUNDED-Font-Makeover-5


Comic Sans Font Makeover


COMIC-SANS-Makeover-3 COMIC-SANS-Makeover


Helvetica Font Makeover


Helvetica-font-makeup-1 Helvetica-font-makeup-4 Helvetica-font-makeup-6 Helvetica-font-makeup-7 Helvetica-font-makeup-8 Helvetica-font-makeup-9 Helvetica-font-makeup-10


Times Font Makeover


Times-Font-Makeover Times-Font-Makeover-2 Times-Font-Makeover-3 Times-Font-Makeover-4 Times-Font-Makeover-5


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