50+ Best Apple iPhone 6 / 7 Wallpapers & Backgrounds

It is said that change is the taste of life therefore we keep on adorning our routines with something exciting. Whether it is a closet, or a weather, trends, fashion, gadgets, accessories or anything; it demands change because we eventually get bored of monotony. Since the day you buy your smartphone or computer/laptop you never really remain stick to the same background image, you change the backgrounds as often as you log in back.

You also add to the software, mp3 files and hence everything is being added to, flipped and changed. Why not to have some amazing collection of wallpapers so our mood and the day turns brighter? Check out this collection of high quality Apple iPhone 6 & 7 wallpapers & backgrounds, these are some fantastic wallpapers that I myself have been trying out, give the homescreen/lockscreen a new feel and a fresh touch by applying any of these now and then.

Every day we wake up with a different mood, some day we get inspired by floral images, while other days some wallpapers of quotes/sayings do the job, some days ‘words of wisdom’ make our day special while other days we love to put up emoji wallpapers, nature images or cartoon/film characters. It is just the way how we feel every single day. But remember the collection I have put forward is a mix and match & a blend of almost everything so you better be sharing them with your friends and family as well. I hope you all love them to the core and grace your iPhones with such fantastic collection.

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50+ Best Apple iPhone 6 / 7 Wallpapers & Backgrounds

iPhone 7 inspirational wallpaper gold-apple-logo-iphone-6-wallpaper-glitter Stardust iPhone 7 Wallpaper inspirational-iphone-7-wallpaper Vintage Girl iPhone 6 wallpaper

iPhone 6 Rose Gold background Love iPhone 7 Background iPhone 6 Pink Wallpaper Witty iPhone 6 Wallpaper Beautiful-iPhone-7-background iPhone-6-Wallpaper-for-Web-Developer Desert-Sand-iPhone-6-Wallpaper Fox iPhone 7 Wallpaper Food Lovers iPhone 6 Wallpaper Stardust apple iPhone 7 Wallpaper rainbow-iphone-6-wallpaper HD unique-iphone-7-wallpaper-hd Lieve-poster-voor-in-de-kinderkamer Golden-iphone-6-wallpaper-hd Typography iphone 7 wallpaper

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