Absolutely Stunning 3D Embossed Business Cards by Jukebox Print

Before getting into the medium of business and opening up a new corporate firm, the most pivotal and cardinal aspect needed is, making the perfect and apt business card that is a doorway to your business’ stance. It develops your aura, it builds and shapes up your trade’s outline.

It focusses on your forte and potential, it determines your work capability, it shows your professionalism and much more in this; and then how can it be possibly lame, ordinary and so mainstream? Never do some basic stuff that can be copied or imitated. Make your own business stance that people will follow suit. It is said when you want to be unique and innovative, be ready to be copied. Because people then get inspiration from you if you are raising your enterprise tremendously.

Now without wasting time, let me plunge a little deeper in to my today’s post which is highlighting a quality collection serving a great purpose to educate you about a new business card technique. Here it is, absolutely stunning 3D embossed business cards by Jukebox Print. They are the pioneers of this technique. It is meticulously real, the shape, texture or the image inserted /embossed on the business card gives out a real effect, and it is so tangibly real that nobody can believe his eyes.

Basically 3D embossing is new in the market, foil/letterpress is used to make the business card inspiring and thought-provoking. The 3D emboss design on the card bulges up to 0.2 inches which looks phenomenally cool, now get ready to make your business card look refreshing and renewed. Switch to this technique which is a little expensive but I hope by the time it may transform itself to be something economical.

Do give us your feedback about this post and let us know what you think about it. I find it the best so far, what you say? Here we go!

Absolutely Stunning 3D Embossed Business Cards by Jukebox Print

3D-Business-Card-Design 3D-Business-Card-Design-2 3D-Business-Card-Design-3 3D-Business-Card-Design-4 3D-Business-Card-Design-4-1

3D-Business-Card-Design-5 3D-Business-Card-Design-6 3D-Business-Card-Design-7 3D-Business-Card-Design-7- 3D-Business-Card-Design-9 3D-Business-Card-Design-8

Credit: Jukebox Print


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