20 Simple Yet Modern Visit / Name Card Design Ideas for 2016

From dawn to dusk, from day to night, from sickness to wellness; people have only one thing on their mind, to earn, to feed their family, to meet their desire end & to work for their survival.

From east to north everywhere you go, you will see people engrossed in the worries, people running after money, people polishing their skills, people attaining knowledge, reaching to the insurmountable, people playing with techniques, people inventing things, people in the rat race, people pulling each other’s leg, people walking over heads of others, people working harder, people screaming louder and each one of them has their own story to tell.

In the end it is not the shopping they want to do, it is not the places they want to visit, it is not the glamour they want to adopt but it is only their bellies to be fed. It is only the wish of earning livelihood to get both ends meet. Life is all about this and that, with no hard and fast rules but people dealing with their own problems, people having troubles in their jobs, people getting promoted to a bigger status in their offices and everything related to it.

Hence out of all we only see the hunger to learn more, to earn more and to conquer more. Today my post is about 20 simple yet modern visit / name card design ideas for 2016. Business card is also known as visiting card or name card however the pursuit of all these is the same—to make your recognition notable, to make people remember you, to make the stance clear- of the business card and to let people know who you are.

So therefore your name, your work, your talent, your properties and all related to the work you do is clearly mentioned on the business card of yours. Here you can see all those possible ideas you would love to get inspiration from. Take a look at it and let us know which one suits your needs the best of all. Subscribe us for more art and design posts!

20 Simple Yet Modern Visit / Name Card Design Ideas for 2016

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