50 Simple Yet Professional Business Card Design Ideas For 2017

Always put yourself first and your happiness should be prior to anything. Uplift your morale and do not get low after a failure because that is the right time to learn and it makes your personality stronger. A right thing teaches nothing, it is always an error which makes you know the other way to do it. Be open to criticism, accept the feedback both positive/negative and improve your skill by practicing it over and over.

When you are having your life in academics, it is so very different from your professional lifecycle, you have no war to rage over or to surpass but to stand out with your good grades. Professional demands are different, you need to have patience, practice, tolerance and opportunist behavior nevertheless. Whatever fate throws at you, you have to bear it and wait for the tides to turn towards your side for success.

Professional career has a lot to offer, it is not merely an experience of earning yourself a good monthly salary but it invents ways for you that which genre of work is suitable for you and which is your area of interest to work on. Well keeping it all simple, I would suggest you to never undermine yourself, never feel underrated rather polish your talent, learn new ways of going about a thing & making your way through it.

Here I am providing you a collection which is actually a larger one to inspire you, check these out, these are 50 simple yet professional business card designs for inspiration. Plain, colorful, textured, vibrant, subtle and funky—all types of business cards are presented here, the type of company/firm/organization determines the type of business card to be made. Usually people are of the view that simplistic designs are the ultimate sophistication however you can always play with colors, consistencies and fonts to make the real meaning out of it; the stance of business card is to inform the beholder about ‘what you are’, ‘what your company stands for’ and ‘how does it operate’. So while making a business card, graphic designer has to be prudent to make the right pick.

Stick around for more interesting and informative posts, our aim is to highlight the latest design trends and to make you familiar with all the design dose as much as we can.

50 Simple Yet Professional Business Card Design Ideas For 2017

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Credit: Anagrama Studio


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  1. Some really great designs, I wish you could go into a bit more about the design or printing process – maybe for part two? 😉

    The ILNP one, for example, has been dipped into metallic paint but is that done to each one to finish it by hand, or just a choice to showcase it in that way?

    Anyway, great ideas.

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