30+ Hyper-Realistic Drawings by Japanese Artist

Hi there everybody! We hope that you guys had a great time reading our previous blog and that you are super excited to read this one too as we will be sharing 30+ hyper-realistic pencil drawings by a Japanese artist, Aria. These drawings look so real you might want to stop to tell yourself that they are not real and that is how optical illusions appear to be and we cannot wait to share everything that you need to know about the technique of creating hyper-realistic drawings so, let us get started right away.

Okay so, first things first, we would like to share what hyper-realistic drawings are and why they are created for the masses to consume in one form or the other. If you are planning to try out something new in 2022, we would love to encourage you all to read this blog till the end and we can bet that you will be able to bag a couple of informative pointers that can be helpful for your future projects. To understand the concept of hyper-realistic art, we need to understand what hyper-reality is and in easy-to-understand words; it is either images or sets of images that either distort the reality or does not depict any reality whatsoever.

When that happens, the viewer is basically looking at something that might not be real but is actually a depiction of reality – it can be touched but it cannot be felt and people with less control over their senses might not be able to differentiate between reality and art when they come in contact with any sorts of hyper-realistic imagery, drawings, etc. The purposes of creating hyper-realistic art can vary from person to person for example; it is made to create false reality or to create a sense of false reality that you might not be able to recognize instantly.

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Then there are artists who feel like achieving the higher standards of creating art so they opt for something that depicts hyper-realistic imagery and as far as you are creating it for the sake of creating art, then we think that you must be good to go because there are chances that some people might misuse the art and the skills they have to deceive innocent audiences, you know so may be don’t go there as it will be both ethically and morally wrong. Now, let’s talk about Aria who happens to create the hyper-realistic drawings but the most interesting thing about her is that she is self taught and we just cannot stop admiring her for whatever she has created in the past.

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We know that many artists around the world are busy creating art every other day but those artists that knew nothing about a technique or skill set and dived right into it to create something of their own deserve all the appreciation in the world and we are sure that you would agree with us on that. No matter how young or old the self taught artists are or how skilled they are when it comes to their professional lives, we think that taking out the time to create something that you have never worked on before should always be encouraged both locally and internationally and we are not sure if you have heard of Aria or her works before, but we know that from today you would be able to visit her social media platforms to see what she has been up to and you must also leave a comment or two in order to boost her morale so that she can continue creating amazing art for herself and for you all to view too.

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Also, we will be honest; we are not fans of watching insects or sea animals quite a lot but when we came across Aria’s drawings, we were shocked to see how beautifully she has created the imagery that everything looks more than just real – it is unbelievable and we had to keep telling ourselves that no matter how real the freshwater catfish, octopus, etc. look like, there is no way they can pop out of that paper. Haha! Our favorites have to be the hyper-realistic drawings of the glass, coke bottles, sneaker, egg, and pancakes but we would love to hear from you guys as well so do share which ones are your favorite in the comments section.

And since we are nearing the conclusion of our today’s blog, we would like to end it on this note: you won’t be able to create hyper-realistic drawings in a day or two so take your time, as much as you can and keep creating things that you think can be created as starters. You will see the improvement with your own eyes and we can bet that there will soon be a day, when we would be covering one of you in our blogs.

Credit: Instagram | twitter.com

30+ Hyper-Realistic Drawings by Japanese Artist



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