50+ Amazing Sketching of 3D Typography by Lex Wilson

Artists are never spare because they have too much on their head and they get to pay the duty nonstop therefore they are always preoccupied but their focus never diverts because it is their job to be mentally present on their work place all the time so to face the challenges bravely and to respond to the clients accordingly.

A graphic designer has creativity at its disposal and it really makes a big difference because when you have a skill at your hand you can go anywhere in the world and you will be welcomed with drum rolls and trumpets. Designers are always drooling for inspiration. Today I am unfolding before you amazing 3D typography experiment by Lex Wilson. Typography is gaining its firm footings and with the passage of time new directions will be added to this form of art hopefully.

People are experimenting with new techniques to bring innovation and versatility in the art of typography. I wonder how difficult it is to adopt a certain amount of perfection in this art because just by putting slants, with your hand making a sequential traces is not called typography, you really have to create sense out of it. Beauty is the fundamental element and typography has to be readable and not off the hook or messy to the eyes.

Ages back only few art forms were being used but now people are plunging out of their comfy couches and are actually biting rocks and stones to struggle for the best and to discover the improvements in the art forms. The artist Lex in this post is nevertheless dexterous, his immaculate ability can be judged by the way he draws typography with finesse and perfection.

Seek inspiration as well ideas from the collection of 3D typography which almost looks real and tangible. Subscribe us for more updates and catch the best of art and design post on your fingertips. Don’t forget to make us know what posts are you looking forward, because your feedback really helps us to grow and mend where it goes wrong.

50+ Amazing Sketching of 3D Typography by Lex Wilson

amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(1) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(2) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(3) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(4) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(5)

amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(6) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(7) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(8) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(9) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(10) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(11) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(12) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(13) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(14) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(15) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(16) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(17) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(18) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(19) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(20) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(21) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(22) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(23) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(24) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(25) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(26) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(27) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(28) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(29) amazing-3d-typography-sketching-2016-(30)


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