25 Creative yet Fun-Filled Illustrations by Justine Morrison

Artist can never hold in their instinct because whenever a spur comes forth, they sprout it out as it is, they love to give shape to their ideas. What this world will look like without getting to see the art pieces of artists? Perhaps a dull day with no brightness, perhaps a life without beauty? Or maybe just a monotonous routine in which there is no meaning.

Artists create a sense out of everything, maybe the way they perceive things is different from others therefore it looks a high work of art which only can be touched by imagination. I once read somewhere that art is never meant to be understood, it is meant to be felt and appreciated because artists have their own state of mind and the way they depict the environment is entirely dependent upon their perception of nature and beauty.

Designers are nowhere less because their work too is related to the genres of art, they use mix and match of colors, they bring in the amalgamation of grace and beauty, they put together ideas and creativity hence they do their best to create a meaning into their compositions.

Today I am unfolding before you creative yet fun-filled Illustrations by Justine Morrison. This is entirely based on the art of puns and a touch of fun into it to make you smile, with no offence to the top notch celebrities, it may be a blatant depiction of art through the use of humor but this is something really unique of the artist who has created a new direction in to the genre of art.

The comicality of this celebrity illustrations shouldn’t be taken seriously and I hope it does not offend people. Take this light hearted fun post and pay us a visit back forever more. Your subscription will make us know about your interests and we will keep updating more interesting posts in future as well regarding art and design.

25 Creative yet Fun-Filled Illustrations by Justine Morrison

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Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(6) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(9) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(10) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(11) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(12) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(13) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(14) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(15) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(16) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(17) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(18) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(19) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(20) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(21) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(22) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(23) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(24) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(25) Creative-Funny-Illustrations-2016-(26)



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