Cool Logotypes 2021 for Inspiration

Hello there friends! We knew that you all were waiting for cool logo blogs from our end so here we are with these super cool logotypes for inspiration that you must check out in 2021. But of course, we must thank you guys for first for your constant support and for also making sure that you share our content and ideas with the ones you love or work with. Your encouragement motivates us everyday to keep creating what we are great at.

Before we begin talking about the cool logotypes that you guys need to see in our blog, we would love to share what they are so that those of you who are new to the design field can not only create them without getting confused but you can also let your creative juices flow in the right direction. So, there are 7 types of logos that you can create for the branding of a business etc. which are:

  1. Mascots
  2. Emblem Logos
  3. Combination Marks
  4. Abstract Logo Marks
  5. Logotypes (also known as Wordmarks)
  6. Logo Symbols (also known as Pictorial Marks)
  7. Monogram Logos (also known as Lettermarks)

As our focus is on logotypes, we are about to share what you have been waiting for so, keep reading the blog to know more and design better! Logotypes are basically logos that are font based and they only highlight the name of a business. A few popular examples are Coca-Cola, Google, Visa – all of these are so beautifully designed and work so well for all the businesses that you will see how minimalism can work if you want to make it work.

When it comes to designing a logotype for businesses, what you need to know is that you can also create fonts that will complement the brand and its personality – what we mean to say here is that; you need not to settle down for fonts that already exist, if you feel that something new can be brought to the table, then do it and you will see it making things even more awesome.

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Since logotypes are designed as per the formal branding approaches, the main purpose to create a logotype and then use it to promote businesses etc. is basically promote name recognition of the products / services. Because when your potential customers would know that you exist, they will feel inclined towards you, they would want to check out your business in detail and then they will eventually spend their money to see how good you are. And in order to make the logotype successful, you will have to work on typography in a way that it suits the brand and complements its personality as well.

If you are confused about whether you should use a logotype for your business or not; allow us to help you understand when you can use it to create the branding. So, if your business is about to be launched or if you are new in the market, go for logotypes/wordmarks. What this will do is that it will help you get your name out there. But to do that like a pro, keep the name short and use or create a font that is easy to read otherwise there are chances that the audience might not like it and it will trickle down to them not liking it at all. In addition to that, you must also know that long names are not appreciated by the masses as they can easily be forgotten, and we are sure that you would not want that to happen.

Stay classy, stay relevant and make sure that you have done your research first before you put anything out there to promote or to talk about your business in general. And now it is time for us to introduce you to these cool and amazing logotypes for inspiration! Tristan Nuit is a Ukrainian artist who creates logotypes and all sorts of artworks for his full-time and freelance clients. From the logotypes of music brands to clothing businesses to hookah companies and more, Tristan makes sure to explore the opportunities and uses his imagination to create what the businesses expect from him and we have compiled this extensive list of logotypes especially for you guys because we know that it can get hard to be creative all the time.

That is all for today, you guys! We are sure that you had a great time reading our blog and our cool logotypes for 2021 will inspire you to create your very own designs in no time. When you do make your logotypes for your own business or for your clients, do let us know in the comments section down below. Also, don’t forget to share our blog and these inspiring logos with your favorite colleagues too.

Credit: Tristan Nuit

Cool Logotypes 2021 for Inspiration

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