Inspiring Examples of App Icon Designs & Illustrations by Mike

Art has no boundaries; it is not restricted to a particular place, region or genre, art is diverse, profound and having various types. Who knows, there may be heaps of new methodologies regarding art that are still unexplored & unlearnt. Artists may die early but their work and struggle done to the progression of art can never go to waste.

Art, no matter how old it grows, it looks fresh, lively and true to type even after decades. The elements of excellence, impeccability, nature and aesthetics are preliminaries to judge up an artistic piece. An artist must have a strong grip on his creations so no one can beat him in his den.

Artists have the ability to make a pretty thing lovelier and an ugly thing beautiful. That is the magic they acquire from their firsthand skill which is partly inborn and partly because of hard work & practices. I have seen some artists, whatever they create touch the podium of perfection. The purity perhaps is their middle name that is why they come along with a charismatic approach for art.

Today I am unfolding before you inspiring examples of app icon designs & illustrations by Mike. Look through the magnificent posters he drew while in the process of making application icons. Stunning textures, colors and hues are used by him. He is certainly a steppingstone for all the learners & beginners.

Mike has taken the level of creativity to a mighty & higher extent that it has become an intricate task to reach there. You can see the work by him and seek ideas that how beautifully app icons can be built with such a finesse and tact. Mike belongs to Prague, Czech Republic, he is professionally trained in beautifying the icons, and making commendable illustrations and bedazzling talent depiction by his masterpieces.  Look down here and don’t forget to write your comments regarding it.

Inspiring Examples of iPhone App Icon Designs & Illustrations by Mike












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