35+ Honest Logos of Famous Brands By Viktor Hertz

We are sure you see a number of brand logos every day. Some catch your attention instantly while there are some logos which make you feel that we could live without them. Then there are logos which bring back all the memories; good / bad and you feel nostalgic to an extent that you get overwhelmed. Brands create logos for association with their audience. Your brain remind you of all the things that you can think of about the brand, you know like the food you had from them last week or the beautiful wrist watch your purchased and adore.

We can feel an instant connection with a brand whenever we see a logo. But let’s think of a parallel universe where honest logos of famous brands are created. You will be shocked to see them as we are going to share different honest logos here in the blog but you will also say “Yes, that is so true!” So, let’s get started, shall we?

Instagram or Insecurity?

Honest Instagram Logo

Instagram started off as an image based smartphone application that lets you edit your photos. There are 30+ filters at your service and you can choose any of them for free. And now there are 1 billion active Instagrammers who are making stories every hour and sharing content with hashtags to stay relevant.

However, Instagram is not that happy and lively an application as it seems to be. Most of the users are there on Instagram to get validation from their friends and compete strangers and majority is insecure about a lot of things. We are all up for freedom of using an app but it is used to cure insecure thoughts which also makes other users either feel anxious, depressed or stressed out.

Netflix or Nextfix?

Honest Netflix Logo

Even right now many of us have that Netflix tab open because why not, right? But how many of you actually watch shows and movies like you pay for your account? It’s obvious that you and a lot of us don’t get to watch a lot of the content because of the fact that we are too occupied with our work and other things but how about we stop treating Netflix as our Nextfix and start spending some quality time with real people who are around us?

Google? Or you mean Control?

Honest Google Logo

Do you remember the number of times you got a little scared because you felt Google so much into your life? Google would probably know that. And no matter how creeped out you are by using Google, it is a part of our life and we have to make peace with that. There is no doubt about the fact that Google has solutions for all of us but it also has access to even super personal information – which does mean that it kinda sorta controls us too.

Facebook? Maybe Falsehood?

Honest Facebook Logo

We get the point of social networking, we honestly do but Facebook is becoming something never signed up for. Nothing really is private there, no information or content whatsoever because Team Facebook has access to it. So, if they were being honest with the users, Facebook could have totally pull out the name ‘Falsehood’ too.

Stopthat Snapchat (?)

Honest Snapchat Logo

It was all fun and games when Snapchat was introduced and people would create interesting snaps using filters and all. We also loved the geofilters part as well. Snapchat would keep the users a little too occupied with the score and trophies but then Instagram copied the same idea and Snapchat started to lose user-ship. Also, now the application is just so heavy to lead that people do not enjoy using it. At all. How about Snapchat Stopthat now?

Nestle’s No ethics

Honest Nestle Logo

Many of us grew being fed on Nestle’s products. But a lot of controversies are attached to the brand now and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to keep buying from this brand because normally the brand doesn’t own that they are problematic or deny the controversies. And to be honest, responsible brands do not play hide & seek with their loyal consumers.

So, if the logo of Nestle was to be created where they would own their mess then it would totally look like the Noethics logo that you can see in this blog.


Honest Toys“R”Us Logo

Many people loved shopping stuff from ToysRUs but there came a time when the company was declared as bankrupted and rightly so because the debt got out of the hands and it was impossible to keep the organization running. Though it might be considered a little mean to take a dig on a sensitive issue like that maybe organizations could just spend more time and energy on planning things instead of going with the flow and failing miserably.

Pixar – Pixels that make you cry

Honest Pixar Logo

Pixar movies are something which can make a person cry regardless of their gender and age. All the stories are so powerful and unique that you stay connected with the characters till the last second. From feeling genuinely happy and concerned, audience also gets overwhelmed at times because of how everything is created through brilliant character building, scripting and dialogue delivery. So, if you are one of those people who cry during or after watching a Pixar movie then know that it is all worth it.

Here is the rest of list to enjoy:

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Credit: Viktor Hertz


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