Life Before & After COVID-19 Through Illustrations

Hello there friends! We hope that you guys are doing great and are also keeping safe as there are many countries in the world that are facing the second wave of the Coronavirus. It is important to know that we must do whatever we can to protect ourselves and everyone else by being responsible human beings.

Although, all the governments and health sectors in their respective countries tried their best to minimize the number of cases, but it is sad to mention it here that not a lot of people felt like following the SOPs and that has resulted in more and more cases on a daily basis now. Yes, we will get through this and we will come out of it stronger than ever before, but we also need to look within ourselves to make sure that we do not end up getting or making other people sick.

Honestly, we have seen hundreds of people who do not wear masks now. It is not like they used to wear it during the first wave too and like that time, some people are still in denial that the virus does not exist or that it is some sort of a propaganda or that the governments are up to something so they want the citizens to stay inside and what not. All these baseless statements of denial have led almost everyone to get sick – and this is not just ruthless of those people, but it is scary that they do not care about anyone.

When something like that happens, the authorities have to come back with more strict orders and the implementation of fines etc. only to ensure that the people who are in their countries or are coming there from other regions follow what needs to be followed. We are sure that you must have heard that many police departments around the world can fine the individuals if they are outside and are not wearing masks.

The business hours of malls, shops, grocery stores and even medical clinics are also being changed to make people stay inside as much as they can. The only thing that we need to do is to flatten the curve all over again so that there comes a time when we will be able to breathe in an air that is not toxic or unhealthy. And here is to hoping that we do abide by what we need to abide by in order to see a better and a healthier tomorrow.

Let us all agree with the fact that staying in the quarantine was not something that any of us would have seen coming – not even in the wildest of our imaginations and when that happened that all of us had to stay indoors with our families where everyone was doing their own thing from taking online classes to creating presentations and signing business deals to so much more like baking the banana bread every other day or creating a new make-up challenge to vibe with the friends and all.

Although all these activities were like nice and they gave us the opportunity to explore what we are capable of, we can tell that it was hard on a number of people too. from managing finances to making sure that the deadlines are met properly to be at good terms with anyone and everyone (even it was for the sake of it), the quarantine life was not all happy and positive. The number of online therapy sessions would go up every day as people needed to talk to professionals so that they can be heard and then there were / are artists who decided to make things easier by bringing  comic relief to the world that is sad otherwise and could really use all things happy or interesting for that matter.

Irina Block is a Silicon based designer who is known for creating the logo of Google Android. And this same person wanted to do something to depict the life before and after the COVID-19 through her illustrations, so we decided to feature her in our today’s blog. We are sure that almost all of us will find these illustrations relatable. And we would like you all to keep reading the blog to get to know a little more about Irina’s illustrations.

From waiting for a long time in traffic to get to the workplace to literally sitting on the couch, things did change for a lot of us but then there is more to it like Visiting Places included our travel plans while during the quarantine, it was only Zoom and nothing else. Irina has also depicted the dilemma of not wearing a mask in the after COVID-19 life through her wit and we love that.

And the fact that we would watch Netflix during our free time before Coronavirus and then it became a usual thing after the virus was there is funny too. We are sure that you will also enjoy going though these illustrations in the time of COVID-19. If you liked reading our blog and the illustrations, don’t forget to share them with your loved ones as well.

Life Before & After COVID-19 Through Illustrations

Credit: creativeblok



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