Free Coronavirus Surgical / Medical Face Mask Mockup PSD

Hi readers & friends! We are back with yet another interesting blog of ours and we know that you are going to have fun while working on it. But before we start talking about what we have created for our today’s blog, we would like to thank each one of you for taking out the time and sharing your positive feedback and amazing suggestions with us and for also spreading the words and designs like they must be spread. Keep your comments coming as they motivate us to create what we create for you guys!

Okay so, COVID-19 is here to stay unless we get a permanent solution to fight back when it comes to taking care of ourselves by following all the precautionary measures as well as the vaccine itself. One solution that we already have is that we will have to keep our nose and mouth covered when we leave our houses for work, to study or even to do some groceries. And it is not just us saying or recommending it, but it will be announced as one of the SOPs that must be followed by the citizens.

As you know that whenever a new movie is released or a hit singer sings a song that touches the souls, many items are designed and created that go with that movie or the song and its singer for example; t-shirts, coffee mugs, note pads, mobile phone covers, socks, caps and so much more. And since wearing a mask is included in our day to day life routine, we might as well wear it with style.

We are sure that you guys must have already seen many celebrities who are covering their face with branded masks or we should rather say designer masks. That might look like something that the world tried to cash on the virus by making it a fashion statement. But now that we know that things have changed for the entire world, wearing an attractive face mask does not make a person frown – and as long as you are taking care of yourself, it is okay to be like that.

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Keeping in mind the virus itself as well as the need to wear it on a daily basis and the fact that there were many pharmaceutical companies that ran out of their stocks of the face masks, we thought to create (another) free face mask mockup for you guys but this time around, it is a little different as our mock-up file features a woman as well. This is to give you all an idea about the exact size of the face mask and the area that it can cover for a normal sized face.

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This free face mask mock-up featuring women can help you guys in more than one ways – if you are a graphic designer or a visualizer, then you can get your hands on this mock-up file and create something out of it to cater to a design brief that you just received from your team lead or from your client. If you are someone who owns a pharmaceutical company and if you wish to pitch a business idea to a potential (local or international) client, then you can also design things your own way by also incorporating relevant design elements such as the company’s logo etc. for a better communication strategy.

Normally, the face masks are kept in lighter shades (mainly because you would not want to scare anyone if the colors are too dark) but if you would want to change the color as per the requirements of your design brief, then you can definitely experiment with colors to see what can work best for you, for your client(s) as well as for your audience.

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We have a few ideas that we would like to share with you guys and by following those ideas, you will be able to different age groups of audiences in a better and effective way. So, if you are creating face masks for kids who will (eventually) have to go back to their schools once the situation gets better, you can create designs specifically for them by choosing colors, playful patterns etc. so, that they find it fun to wear their favorite masks and keep using them as they will get lured by seeing the colors & designs that they love.

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You can also check out our previous blogs in which we have shared multiple designs for multiple fabric and stuff to cater to the needs of your business or for your client’s business.

We will also encourage you guys to create as many mock-ups as you guys can for your pitch or mock-up review presentation as various options will help your internal team members and other concerned teams in taking informed decisions.

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And that is all for today! We hope that you will find this blog and our free face mask mock-up featuring women super useful and will also create brilliant designs for your projects.

Free Coronavirus Surgical / Medical Face Mask Mockup PSD

Free-Face-Mask-Mockup-Featuring-Women Free-Face-Mask-Mockup-Featuring-Women-3

Available Format: Layered PSD with smart object insertion
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
RAR File Includes: Free Medical Face Mask Mockup PSD
Image Credit: Written permission by Oleg Baliuk to Designbolts for mockup creation
Mock-up Resolution: 2400 x 1800 px 

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