1. Tysolna Reply

    I came here to find out the real story behind brand logos. Instead I find you contrasting a “smart and dashing personality” with “sheer ugly and more like hippopotamus”. Personality is only skin deep? A few pounds on your hips make you stupid? I wish I had known that when I wrote my Master’s thesis!

    • designbolts Reply

      Today personality is how you display yourself to be well that’s a fun element of this post how people gain bulge on themselves by leaning on junk food items. I hope you would take that likewise.

      • Tysolna Reply

        I’m sorry, but I fail to see the fun element in this.

  2. ladyneeva Reply

    Because thin people never ever eat at these places right? I guess these companies just hire thin people to hang out in all of their locations across the entire country every day to give the illusion that people of all weights eat there?

    • designbolts Reply

      That’s the irony of life if having eaten all the junk foods and still not getting fat is probably in the wishlist of everybody!! Who knows the employees roaming in those companies don’t eat those junk food? just saying!

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