25+ Scary Halloween Twitter Header Banner Images / Covers & Photos for 2019

Have you guys ever wondered what our lives would be without the internet or the social media platforms that we are on? If you ask us, we don’t think we can imagine even a day without the internet. Yes, there were people before us who never got a chance to experience a full of technology life and they were fine in fact, more than fine. But now that mankind has upped the game through research and experimentation and what not, we think it is almost impossible to abandon technological innovations or stop using internet etc.

And we believe that all the social media platforms are absolutely great to stay in touch with people we cannot meet or talk on a regular basis. Many social media users have had the privilege to virtually visit the places they have never been to, met and spoken to people who live miles away and of course so many people have gotten the chance to start their online businesses through these digital and social media channels that it has become a market of its own.

Like we have multiple friends who run their arts and crafts and stationery shops online by creating or stocking the articles they think are unique and people would want to buy them in reasonable prices. So, they post pictures and upload online inventories along with the prices and display the items for everyone to see.

Their existing and potential customers then check out the articles they are interested in through high resolution photos but can also ask for clearer pictures so that they can take an informed decision. Then the order is placed, money is transferred or communicated for the cash on delivery service and then the person gets to enjoy their online shopping order(s).

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We also have friends who work as digital account managers and handle everything digital for their clients. They communicate with the customers, help them with the process of shopping or signing up, guide them about sales and competition and make sure that their clients have a great ranking too as per the standards of Facebook Pages.

As you all know that we are in the field for a quite long time now and to create and design things, we have to keep ourselves updated regarding everything that happens on social media platforms for example; the new features which are added by the companies, the updates which change the layouts of applications and websites and the dimensions which we have to keep in mind while designing images etc.

Now we are aware of the fact that Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are platforms which are there to have casual conversations as well as for professional communication but Twitter is something that is completely different from the lot. It is important for everyone to know that you can market your brand on Twitter but you cannot generate sales through tweets done by you or your micro-bloggers – and know that we are stating this information because we want to guide our readers so that you only spend your time and efforts on things which can bring some results for you.

Well, we don’t want to discourage you in context of using Twitter so we have decided to list down some uses of the platform:

  • Twitter is used to connect people.
  • It is also used to share real time news and information using trending hashtags.
  • If you are a teacher or a student then you can also use Twitter as tool to impart education.

And last but not the least, through your branded hashtags, you can also make your campaigns trend for days and weeks. This is done by hiring or getting in touch with micro-bloggers like we have mentioned earlier as well who help you in making your branded hashtag a trending one and then through that you can analyze the performance and determine if the strategy worked for your brand or not.

Speaking of Twitter, we have always observed that the persona an individual has on Twitter is almost always entirely different from how that person appears to be on everywhere else but there is one thing that stays common which is to get in the mood when an occasion or a big day is approaching. Like you want to share it with your Twitter followers that you are going to graduate soon or what presents you got on your birthday or a comparatively bigger image to show your love for your best friend or favorite season.

Like we upload a Cover Photo on Facebook, Twitter lets its users upload a header banner image that stays on the top of the profile. You can pick up any image you want to upload as the header banner. Currently, a header banner is 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall.

We are sure that this blog has a lot of information which can help you know social media platforms better but there is something else which we wanted to share with you guys – and it’s just that we have designed 25+ scary Halloween header banner images, covers and photos for you guys to upload and share with you friends in 2019. Since Halloween is now weeks away, we want all of you to go through our collection of scary and cool images and make your Twitter profiles look lit this fall.

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25+ Scary Halloween Twitter Header Banner Images / Covers & Photos for 2019
































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